4Wire Software Solutions

Integrated software solutions for all production areas in the wire processing industry.

The products in the “4Wire Software Solutions” range have one thing in common – they have been developed in order to control and optimize production processes in the wire processing industry. This branch has some special requirements. In addition to highly automated production areas – such as the cutting area – there are also assembly areas where work is mostly carried out by hand.

At the same time, the quality requirements are also very high. New machine types such as transfer lines are used. Comprehensive documentation and traceability are becoming increasingly important.

This is the case in the automotive industry, for example, where electric vehicles and autonomous driving are leading to increasing demands for suppliers of wiring harnesses.

With the software solutions from DiIT, you can meet these demands while also increasing the efficiency of your production processes. Regardless of whether you produce single lead sets or complete wiring harnesses, or whether you focus on series production or complex customized wiring harnesses – we have the right solution for your company.

Increase your productivity

Get complete transparency

Improve machine utilization

Decrease your inventory

Optimize your quality

Ensure complete traceability