4Wire CAO

The leading MES software for the wire processing industry.

The software solution 4Wire CAO (Cutting Area Optimization) was specially developed for the wire processing industry. The MES system controls, optimizes and documents production in the cutting area and in automated production areas downstream.

4Wire CAO has interfaces to virtually all machines used in the branch. We develop these interfaces in close collaboration with machine manufacturers and constantly keep them up to date. This means that 4Wire CAO is able to send orders and parameters directly to the machine.

Thanks to the optimization of the order sequence, 4Wire CAO significantly improves the OEE. The specification of quality control measures ensures a high level of quality. 4Wire CAO monitors quality according to feedback from the machine and documents the production process.

4Wire CAO is easy to install and ready to use in next to no time. The system can be put into productive use after just one week. The investment in 4Wire CAO pays off very quickly.

Please contact us for a free-of-charge test installation.

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The 4Wire CAO implements an advanced planning and scheduling algorithm for the automatic and optimized distribution of cutting orders and provides for demand-driven Kanban production.


Quality increases significantly, which is both due to the consolidation of production data in 4Wire CAO and the integration of quality measurements directly in the process control.


4Wire CAO captures machine and production data electronically and in real-time. Production and machine states, used materials, produced quantities, tool related usage, quality data, etc. are captured, logged, collated and integrated in various ways to create instant transparency.