DiIT explains how to implement international MES roll-out projects successfully

Krailling, September 19, 2018 – International software roll-outs are always a challenge for production companies. DiIT describes the eight points they should observe to ensure their global MES roll-out projects are a success.

Due to the intensive integration of production systems in digital processes MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) have become indispensable. Positioned between ERP systems and control systems at machine level, they manage the entire process and ensure the optimum distribution of resources as well as the documentation and total traceability of individual batches.

The international roll-out of an MES is a big challenge for companies. DiIT, a leading worldwide supplier of MES software solutions in wiring harness production, explains what companies need to be consider in their global MES roll-out projects:

  1. The first step should always be to develop a clear and company-wide understanding of the purpose of this project; the initiation phase of the process should also comprise a realistic list of the objectives to be achieved.
  2. Standardized metrics and uniform processes must be established in all production sites.
  3. An implementation team, as a multi-disciplinary group, must represent the most important stakeholders in the project, namely top management, the management of the production process – engineering, production and quality assurance – as well as the IT department; furthermore on-site there must always be a local person responsible for monitoring the roll-out.
  4. The MES can be validated in a trial run and a proof of concept established; the trial run is also an opportunity to gather information about possible process optimizations.
  5. A robust solution can only be implemented when a suitable infrastructure exists. This must be tested in the planning phase in order to ensure the MES will provide the requisite pre-conditions for reliable operation and be a genuine support to the production process.
  6. The implementation of an MES in a live production system is a particular challenge; frequently an MES is merely grafted onto existing processes but companies should understand a new MES as an opportunity to optimize processes.
  7. The implementation team must prepare a well-structured training and communications plan which is able to communicate the objectives of the MES to the users.
  8. A clear end-point of the implementation cycle must be defined. There should always be a time point at which the local resources of a site are able to continue with the MES integration themselves.

“Companies often have to install the MES in many countries in parallel to the extent that this is possible,” says Bernd Jost, Managing Director of DiIT GmbH. “By observing a few rules this process can be optimized so that ultimately a good result for all stakeholders is achieved.”


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DiIT GmbH, based in Krailling near Munich, is the world’s leading provider of integrated software solutions for engineering, manufacturing execution (MES), customized wire harness production and logistics. DiIT‘s competencies are bundled in the “4Wire Solutions” software suite, which is primarily used for the production of wire harnesses and wiring systems in the automotive industry and other industrial sectors. By digitalizing the value chains, the company‘s innovative software optimizes and controls complex development, manufacturing and logistics processes and supports quality assurance and traceability. DiIT was founded in 1990 and has a subsidiary in Berlin. DiIT is also represented in the key markets Mexico and China. The company offers a comprehensive services package to both large and small customers which covers consulting, project management and customized implementation and training. The DiIT support line is available during 24 hours and 365 days. DiIT is a wholly-owned, independently managed company of the Schleuniger Group. Schleuniger is a globally active technology company and a leading solution supplier in the wire processing industry.

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