DiIT collaborates in a traceability project with University Erlangen-Nürnberg

Krailling, February 26, 2018 – DiIT AG, the specialist in integrated software solutions for wire harnesses has started a collaboration project with Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg to develop “Cross-Process Traceability”.

The quality assurance and documentation requirements in the production of wire harnesses are rising rapidly with the introduction of autonomous vehicles. As a safeguard and proof of quality standards, manufacturers must ensure the continuous traceability of every component used and to achieve this a cross-interface data basis must be implemented. Complete process and product data are not only able to retroactively trace back component history, but quality-relevant connections can also be identified through which error sources and process shortcomings can be detected as preventive measures.

For further research into this issue, DiIT, a leading supplier of integrated software solutions for engineering, manufacturing execution and wire harness production systems and the Professorial Chair of Quality Science at the Chair for Production Metrology at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) have agreed an 18 month collaboration project entitled “Cross-Process Traceability” to be run by Professor Dr.-Ing. Heiner Otten, Professorial Chair of Quality Science.

The focus of the traceability project is the development of a continuous process chain for wire harness production to enable 100% traceability – tracking and tracing – and for the preparation of data-driven cluster analyses for preventive quality assurance.

“We want to develop a system with FAU that will meet the extreme requirements of a tracking and tracing system but which at the same time remains workable and technically manageable within the production process,” explains Bernd Jost, Managing Director at DiIT AG. “We would like to offer our customers and partners the opportunity to proactively contribute their ideas to this project.

“The Professorial Chair for Quality Science is researching complex processes in digitized industries,” says Marlene Kuhn, Research Associate at the Professorial Chair for Quality Science. “In DiIT we have a project partner who has been familiar with the implementation of software-controlled production processes for many years, making it the perfect match for our research approach.”


Professorial Chair for Quality Science

Professor Dr.-Ing. Heiner Otten holds the Professorial Chair of Quality Science at the Chair for Production Metrology at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg. Professor Otten’s research focuses on quality-oriented business models and decision-making systems, quality management systems for complex processes and organizations and digital transformation strategies from the perspective of quality science.


About DiIT

DiIT AG, based in Krailling near Munich, is the world’s leading provider of integrated software solutions for engineering, manufacturing execution (MES), customized wire harness production and logistics. DiIT‘s competencies are bundled in the “4Wire Solutions” software suite, which is primarily used for the production of wire harnesses and wiring systems in the automotive industry and other industrial sectors. By digitalizing the value chains, the company‘s innovative software optimizes and controls complex development, manufacturing and logistics processes and supports quality assurance and traceability. DiIT was founded in 1990 and has subsidiaries in Berlin (Germany) and Arad (Romania). DiIT is also represented in the key markets Mexico and China. The company offers a comprehensive services package to both large and small customers which covers consulting, project management and customized implementation and training. The DiIT support line is available during 24 hours and 365 days. DiIT is a wholly-owned, independently managed company of the Schleuniger Group. Schleuniger is a globally active technology company and a leading solution supplier in the wire processing industry.

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