A faster way to an MES for wiring harness manufacturers

Krailling, July 26, 2022 – Wiring harness manufacturers also need manufacturing executions systems today – but with highly specific requirements.  DiIT explains how custom solutions can prevent long, expensive implementations.

Manufacturers of wiring harnesses cannot do without manufacturing execution systems (MES) today. These are the only way to ensure reliable processes and efficient workflows and to meet the OEMs’ requirements for traceability in production.

If manufacturers choose to use generic standard MES, this usually results in complex and lengthy implementation projects. Due to the highly specific processes in this industry, wiring harness manufacturers first have to comprehensively define and adapt these systems. Developing a customized in-house MES also involves great expenditures – not only for the development itself, but also for the continuous maintenance and servicing of the system.

Custom solutions tailored to the manufacturing of wiring harnesses promise substantially less expenditure. These MES are extensively pre-configured and already reflect numerous specifics of this industry straight out of the box. DiIT – a specialist for integrated software systems used in wiring harness production – explains which preliminary tasks are already covered by these solutions:

  1. Pre-defined key elements. Custom MES can be provided with targeted presets for highly automated, standardized cutting of the cables. The providers can set up master data for raw materials and products in advance, such as the machine configuration and the profiles for machine operators with their functions and rights. The same applies to industry-specific evaluations. These include reports for monitoring the crimp forces during machine-based installation of the connectors on the cables.
  2. Support for proprietary machine interfaces. Wiring harness manufacturers often use traditional machines for cutting the cables and installing the connectors. The manufacturers of those machines in turn still define their own interface specifications. Suitable custom solutions therefore support the different native interfaces from the various machine manufacturers from the outset. This means that the systems can gather information such as production data, process data or quality data directly from the production equipment without requiring complex integration information.
  3. Solutions for connecting simple devices. For pre-assembly and final assembly of the wiring harnesses, the manufacturers often use very simple devices which offer only rudimentary or even no interface functions. With pre-prepared solutions, a customized system is still capable of exchanging a minimum of information with such devices, for example that they are currently used in production, that a part has been completed and whether it is an OK or NOK part. This fulfills at least the basic requirements for the link to the MES.

“With this comprehensive pre-configuration, custom solutions can be introduced at a relatively low cost and are quickly available to the wiring harness manufacturers,” explains Bernd Jost, Managing Director of DiLT. “What is more – these solutions are offered by providers with experience in the field. They know the industry and its challenges inside out, they monitor and adapt market developments in their systems and actively influence trends in committees and forums. This allows them to ensure that their MES meet all current and future requirements.”


DiIT GmbH, based in Krailling near Munich, is the world’s leading provider of integrated software solutions for manufacturing execution (MES), customized wire harness production and logistics. DiIT‘s competencies are bundled in the “4Wire Solutions” software suite, which is primarily used for the production of wire harnesses and wiring systems in the automotive industry and other industrial sectors. By digitalizing the value chains, the company‘s innovative software optimizes and controls complex manufacturing and logistics processes and supports quality assurance and traceability. DiIT was founded in 1990 and has a subsidiary in Berlin. DiIT is also represented in the key markets Mexico and China. The company offers a comprehensive services package to both large and small customers which covers consulting, project management and customized implementation and training. The DiIT support line is available during 24 hours and 365 days. DiIT is a wholly-owned, independently managed company of the Schleuniger Group. Schleuniger is a globally active technology company and a leading solution supplier in the wire processing industry.

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