4Wire KPI Dashboard

Visualization of relevant production figures.

In order to control your production process, you need reliable information. Key figures that are gained directly in the production process are particularly valuable.

The 4Wire KPI Dashboard clearly visualizes the information collected beforehand in the 4Wire CAO system. You can select different levels here.

Using the company view, you can access the region, the plant and ultimately the individual machine. You can also compare different categories, such as plants or machine groups.

The 4Wire KPI Dashboard is a cloud-based solution. It can be used on different end devices, regardless of where you currently are.


More information

Efficiency / OEE

Preparation and visualization of the OEE key figures on different levels. You can identify weak points at a glance.

Continuous improvements

You can only improve what you can measure.
Make decisions based on objective information, straight from production.



4Wire KPI Dashboard provides quick answers to inadequate production output.