4Wire EAS

Control of complex assembly processes.

The production areas after the cutting area are moving more and more into focus. The manufacturers of cable harnesses need more efficiency, improved quality assurance and more transparency in these areas.

4Wire EAS (Extended Assembly System) delivers all of this. With EAS, complex products, right up to complete cable sets and the associated production plans, can be described. EAS controls production and documents all work steps. Processing standards ensure that uniform procedures and parameters are used. Quality and test plans ensure a high-quality standard.

When 4Wire EAS is used together with 4Wire CAO, the two systems together enable complete documentation of production and comprehensive traceability. 4Wire EAS is extremely flexible and able to control the most varied of production processes such as crimping, twisting, welding or injection molding.

4Wire EAS uses the most modern technologies. Through the consistent use of APIs, 4Wire EAS is very easy to integrate into existing system environments. The user interface is HTML-based, which means that the customer can use simple and inexpensive end devices. The system can be operated both “on premise” and in the cloud.

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Thanks to improved order planning, 4Wire EAS results in increased efficiency in the assembly areas.


Process standards and quality control measures ensure high-quality production.


4Wire EAS documents the production process and ensures transparency.


4Wire EAS and 4Wire CAO allow for complete traceability.

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