Usually, there is more than one way and more than one method to produce an item. This also applies to the production of the different modules that make up a wire harness. Which way and which approach is ultimately the most favourable depends on the available resources, such as raw material or machinery, as well as the current production situation that may change due to unforeseen events.

PPG accounts for this with the automatic generation of manufacturing documents for alternative production variants. Each variant has its own bill-of-material and routing. No matter which variant is produced, the final product is the same. For example, a twisted wire can be made from two single wires, that are first cut and then and then twisted at a manual work place in pre-assembly, or the twisted wire can be produced in one step at an automatic machine capable of this. Also the production from twisted raw material is conceivable. For all variants, the PPG provides the production documents and directives automatically and allows each factory to freely choose the preferred variant for its production.