PPG 4.0 is now available


Can you imagine that

– you have a system, that generates your production documents automatically?
– this also works in a JIT-controlled production process for customer specific wire harnesses?
– you have a system, that reduces time and effort for work preparation dramatically?
– you have a system, that improves quality, because it avoids typical manual errors?

That’s what PPG 4.0 can do for you!


PPG 4.0 – Import – Generate – Deliver

PPG imports your production drawings. We use the KBL format, the industry standard of the VDA or custom formats. The heart of PPG, the production module engine generates rule-based production modules and production documents.

With a set of principles that we have created together with some industry experts, PPG generates the common cutting modules and installation modules. The rules can be flexibly adapted to their needs to generate their specific production modules.

PPG takes into account various production methods (for example, production of single seats or belts, etc.) and production variants for each production module. Many details complete the functionality and make PPG a powerful tool for your Wire Harness Engineering.

Import – Generate – Deliver. It’s that easy.


PPG 4.0 –Part of the DiIT Wiring Harness MES Suite

PPG is an integrated part of the DiIT Wiring Harness MES Suite. Production documents, generated in PPG are used by CAO and PLS to control and optimize production in the cutting area, the preassembly zone and the final assembly.

We look forward to show you the performance of PPG in a live demonstration.