We wish all our customers, partners and friends all the best and much success for 2014. At DiIT, we have set the course for the new year already in the old one. A number of interesting customer projects and major extensions and improvements in existing systems shows this. They are the building blocks with which we want to consolidate and expand our position as an outstanding IT system provider in the cable harness production and as provider of intelligent process-oriented MES systems.

PLS and CAO 6.0 Integration of Pre-Assembly

Besides a number of PLS installations in 2013, for instance for the new Polo and Scirocco, the CAO 6.0 extension to the pre-assembly area was successfully put into operation for the first time in a large installation with several sites. CAO 6.0 is now capable to both map the cutting area and the adjoining manual production area of pre-assembly alike and implements in both these areas a continuous and uniform process with electronic, paperless order control, integrated quality procedures and capture of production data at each workstation.


CAO V12 extended to full scope of functions

The development of CAO V12, based on a different technology than CAO 6.0, has been consistently driven forward. Kanban module, extended Tools Management, Archive and also the integration of the manual production area of pre-assembly in CAO V12, to name but a few, are available as additions to the basic system. Moreover, some new machines interfaces have been implemented (KOMAX MIKO, Schleuniger MG), which among other things enable online access benchtop machines in CAO V12. A full version of the CAO V12 has been successfully installed in 2013 in the Mexican site of a well-known cable manufacturer. Currently, about 20 machines in the cutting area and 20 work stations in pre-assembly area are connected, tendency rising.

CAO V12 is marketed currently by DiIT, as well as KOMAX KomaxCAO and Schleuniger as S.WOP each in a uniquely individual.


PPG – Cooperation with Comsa

PPG Production Plan Generation, DiIT’s latest product and the link between engineering and production, simplifies the work in the pre-production and leads to a significant reduction of processing times. This is due not only to improvements in the software, but also the homogeneous takeover of all drawing data and information from LDorado, the design system of COMSA. The close cooperation with the company Comsa on a common interface for a reliable system transition provides great benefits to the customer.


Personnel development

Despite the difficult situation on the labor market in 2013, we have managed to integrate new qualified personnel into our teams. We will continue this work in 2014 in order to implement many new ideas and the tasks that the new year will bring.