DiIT develops a PLS successor system

The logical extension to CAO for the harness industry

The DiIT product PLS (Production and Logistics System) controls the final assembly of wire harnesses and the logistics with the end customer. Particularly in the production of customized cable harnesses (KSK) for the automotive industry, the strength of the PLS system comes into play. It receives the JIT / JIS calls of the OEMs, gives the relevant production orders to the cutting area and pre-assembly and finally controls the in-time assembly of the individual harness and its delivery to the customer.

“In the first release we will focus on the core functionality required by most customers,” says Franziskus Timmermann, Chief Technology Officer at DiIT AG. “Standardized interfaces to common ERP systems (especially SAP) will contribute to a rapid implementation and allow the necessary flexibility in the system design.” The close links with the CAO system ensures that the product manufacture is controlled across all areas and fully documented. Thus, the traceability of all components of a wire assembly is guaranteed. The consistent and integrated capture and archiving of feedback and measurement data ensures seamless quality assurance and quality recording

PLS is therefore the logical complement of CAO.

“With our systems, PPG (Production plan generation), CAO and PLS, we control and optimize the entire added value chain of our customers”, says Bernd Jost, Chief Operating Officer of the DiIT AG. “Our goal is to bring to market the first release of the new PLS already in 2017.”