The cooperation of Comsa and DiIT enables an integrated tool chain in wire harness engineering.

The engineering of customer-specific wire harnesses according to JIT / JIS for passenger cars and commercial vehicles comes along with an escalating number of changes that have to be dealt with day by day. The means to tackle this task are very often only manually-maintained list. Much effort and time, often under pressure, needs to be invested to cope with it. In this situation, PPG provides a new approach. It automates the generation of production documents from the drawing and is therefore able to make wire harness engineering much more flexible, secure and efficient. By working with Comsa, PPG is now also able to read drawings in Comsa HCV format. This format provides the standardized KBL description of the cable set along with additions, that enable for instance the description of subsets in an hierarchical way. The use of PPG creates a seamless tool chain that ranges from the import of the production drawings, created for instance in Comsa LDorado, to the automated generation of production documents in PPG and right up to production control, for instance with CAO and PLS. PPG supports the wire harness engineering in the initial planning phase, as well as during operation (change management), resulting in less effort, significantly reduced cycle times and a much improved quality of production documents.