Wiring Harness MES for engineering, work preparation,
production and logistics

With its integrated software suite Wiring Harness MES, DiIT has managed to generate automatically, from 150% drawings and JIT-calls, the customer specific bills of materials and working plans for the entire production (PPG). Their transmission to subsidiary systems (CAO/PAO and PLS) enable the efficient control of all production areas, from the cutting area to pre- and final assembly and right up to shipment.

The modular design of Wiring Harness MES allows to introduce the system in a flexible way, step by step, and geared to the needs of each company. Wiring Harness MES is easy to integrate with SAP and other ERP-systems.

The great advantage is, that article data, needed by the ERP system, are supplied by PPG and data, which are not available in the ERP system, such as crimp technology data, and the actual use of resources with position indication, are used within the Wiring Harness MES systems.

In the customer-specific production of wiring harnesses, characterized by its great variance, data exchange can be entirely handled within the DiIT systems, so that the feedback to the ERP is only on finished products level. This procedure highly reduces the data volume and the complexity in the ERP system.


Extensive projects are easy to manage

Wiring Harness MES enables customer specific production. The customer modules of each specific vehicle, which are received by JIT/JIS, are transferred in PPG directly into production modules, and activities are automatically distributed to the production systems CAO/PAO and PLS. A high variety of versions and a high frequency of changes in the wiring harness drawings are hard to cope with when qualified staff is rare and the error rate is high. Wiring Harness MES processes and manages them automatically and in a reasonable way.

Costs, transparency and traceability

To avoid downtimes of assembly lines from OEM, often millions of Euros are being wasted for activities. Wiring Harness MES costs a fraction and enables you, based on our experiences, to cover the processes before the production starts. With Wiring Harness MES you can manage complex processes of pre assembly, production and shipment. The integrated view generates synergy, transparency and traceability, that makes extensive cost savings possible.

Flexibility and Integration

PPG, CAO and PLS are flexible. Employed for a variety of models and model changes of various OEM, the system has long shown how fast, cost effective and flexible it can be aligned to changing requirements. Wiring Harness MES is open for integration with SAP or other ERP systems and provides the transparency for well-founded management decisions. Well-known OEM suppliers use Wiring Harness MES today in a number of projects in the automotive sector.

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