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Meet us in Ludwigsburg to network and to exchange ideas on trends and developments of the automotive wire harness industry.

Experience also keynotes of conductors of electrical system development from AUDI, BMW, Daimler and Volkswagen. Learn firsthand how automobile manufacturers, suppliers and research institutes from the automotive industry are addressing current challenges of automotive wire harness systems and deal with it.

Please find more information under https://www.sv-veranstaltungen.de/site/fachbereiche/bordnetze-im-automobil


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Bernd Jost is new COO (Chief Operating Officer) at DiIT http://www.diit.de/bernd-jost-new-coo-chief-operating-officer-diit/ http://www.diit.de/bernd-jost-new-coo-chief-operating-officer-diit/#comments Tue, 12 Jan 2016 09:56:29 +0000 http://www.diit.de/?p=9374 As of 1 January 2016, Bernd Jost assumes operational responsibility as the new COO (Chief Operating Officer) of DiIT AG, the leading software provider of manufacturing execution systems for the wiring harness production. In cooperation with Dr. Gerhard Schaub, CEO and Chairman of DiIT AG, Bernd Jost will from now on be responsible for the international operational activities of the company. Jost is heading sales, marketing and services with a strong focus on the promotion of further growth. As a graduate computer scientist, he has over 20 years of professional experience as an executive in the IT industry. Jost has moved from the ecommerce system vendor SPH AG in Stuttgart, where he was CEO. In his previous engagements, he held, among others, various management positions at Daimler´s subsidiary Debis and the French IT service provider Atos.

“We are very pleased to welcome Mr. Jost on board as an experienced IT expert,” says Dr. Gerhard Schaub, CEO and Chairman of DiIT AG. “With this personnel reinforcement, we can strategically focus even more strongly on the market situation and actively use the potential of Industry 4.0 for further growth.”

“With the strong expertise as a global leader in MES software solutions for the wiring harness industry DiIT offers a convincing overall concept with sustainable benefits for our customers and partners,” says Bernd Jost. “I look forward to working together and I am sure, that we will strengthen our existing potentials and continue to develop them further in the future.”

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At Productronica, DiIT presents its latest innovation – the software suite Wiring Harness MES http://www.diit.de/at-productronica-2015-diit-presents-its-latest-innovation-the-software-suite-wiring-harness-mes/ http://www.diit.de/at-productronica-2015-diit-presents-its-latest-innovation-the-software-suite-wiring-harness-mes/#comments Fri, 23 Oct 2015 07:07:53 +0000 http://www.diit.de/?p=9135 At this year’s Productronica, DiIT presents its latest innovation the software suite Wiring Harness MES. The complete integration of the DiIT software solutions CAO (Cutting Area Optimization), PPG (Production Plan Generation) and PLS (Production and Logistics Suite) in Wiring Harness MES, enables the optimization of the entire wire harness production process – from engineering over production to the point of logistics – in a single system. Wiring Harness MES is suitable both for customer-specific and batch production.

In addition, DiIT’s cutting area solution, CAO V12, provides a number of new and exciting features, such as extended material planning and dispatch functions, scanning handling units/serial numbers in material confirmation, new graphic extensions for OEE, tools usage, and downtimes reports and much more. The close cooperation of DiIT with a number of major machine manufacturers to mutually advance the integration of machines in CAO V12, is another great advantage for users of the system and has brought about a number of innovations and an improved process control. CAO V12 is modular and scalable and can be used also by small and mid-sized companies. Considerable savings as a result of improved quality, higher machine utilization and high adherence to schedules ensure an excellent return of investment.

The Productronica takes place from 10th – 13th November 2015 in Munich. Visit us on our booth, hall B2, stand 325.

Please find more information under www.productronica.com

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DiIT celebrates 25th company anniversary http://www.diit.de/diit-celebrates-25th-company-anniversary/ http://www.diit.de/diit-celebrates-25th-company-anniversary/#comments Mon, 18 May 2015 07:35:33 +0000 http://www.diit.de/?p=8891 This year, DiIT is celebrating its 25th company anniversary. Since the foundation in May 1990, the company is today well established and a leading software provider of manufacturing execution systems (MES) for the wiring harness industry.

The company philosophy always focuses on customer and their strengthening of the market position in realizing improvements, efficiency and quality by means of flexible and process-oriented software solutions for the work preparation, production and logistics.

“With consistent focus on customer and business needs, we strive for better products and innovation. We always endeavor to satisfy our customers with extremely reliable and powerful solutions. Solutions that are made-to-fit, intelligent and easily to integrate into the customers IT-environment,” says Dr. Gerhard Schaub, CEO of DiIT AG. “Based upon our standard software and services, which can be extended and adapted customer specific, we are realizing successful projects since 25 years and deliver support for future investments and digital manufacturing challenges.

Here you can read about the company milestones:

1990 – The flexible production system with welding robots and automated transportation for the Mercedes G car was the first big project in the founding year, which was more than 20 years in use
1991 – The Getriebebau Nord Group introduces bonus incentive schemes in three plants. It supports cost effective production to date
1991 – Esprit Project (Project no. 8865 REAL-CIM)
1994 – PLS and CAO for BMW wire harnesses for Siemens Bordnetze Elsendorf, Pilsen and Stribro
1996 – KPS planning and supply chain management system for the supply of the Daimler truck production in Wörth with customer-specific wire harnesses in JIT
1998 – PLS for VW Golf for Volkswagen Bordnetze, Nitra and Gorzow
2003 – PLS for VW Multivan for Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze, Hattorf and Poznan
2005 – Introduction of CAO/CAS in all European plants of Yazaki Wiring Technologies
2007 – Worldwide introduction of CAO/CAS at Sumitomo Bordnetze
2008 – PLS ADL controls wire-by-wire production at Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze
2011 – Development of CAO as a product
2012 – Development of PPG as a product
2013 – Upgrading of CAO to the pre assembly area (PAO)
2014 – Foundation of a software development company in Romania
2015 – CAO testing and introduction at the most important global players for wiring harness
2015 – Introduction of Wiring Harness MES – the integrated software suite with PPG, CAO, PLS

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SEWS CABIND decides on the group-wide use of CAO http://www.diit.de/sews-cabind-decides-for-the-group-wide-use-of-cao-from-diit-ag/ http://www.diit.de/sews-cabind-decides-for-the-group-wide-use-of-cao-from-diit-ag/#comments Thu, 26 Mar 2015 10:27:42 +0000 http://www.diit.de/?p=8505 SEWS CABIND S.p.A., Headquartered in Collegno / Italy is a subsidiary of the Sumitomo Group, an international cable set manufacturers with factories in Poland and Morocco and the main customers Fiat. “We have the software solution CAO™ of DiIT first introduced in our factory in Poland. After a short time, we were able to turn off any third machine, “says Federico Chicco, IT Manager of SEWS-CABIND Group. “Because of this positive experience, it was an easy decision for us to expand the CAO™ to the entire group. In addition, we were able to improve our quality process. With this decision, we expect the same improvements for our plants in Morocco. Thus, the software solution of DiIT AG is one of our best performers in the group.”

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DiIT AG is exhibitor at the 3. conference on-board power supplies in the automobile http://www.diit.de/diit-ag-is-exhibitor-at-the-3-conference-bordnetze-im-automobil/ http://www.diit.de/diit-ag-is-exhibitor-at-the-3-conference-bordnetze-im-automobil/#comments Thu, 26 Feb 2015 08:43:44 +0000 http://www.diit.de/?p=7183 DiIT AG is exhibitor at the 3. conference on-board power supplies in the automobile, that takes place on March, 24 – March 25, 2015 in Ludwigsburg.


DiIT AG presents his large portfolio of integrated systems for the optimization of development, production and logistics as an exhibitor, to discuss actual trends of the on-board supply system technology with a high class audience.

In particular are shown:


More details

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SEBN from Wolfsburg focuses international on the full solution suite of DiIT http://www.diit.de/sebn-wolfsburg-focuses-international-full-solution-suite-diit/ http://www.diit.de/sebn-wolfsburg-focuses-international-full-solution-suite-diit/#comments Wed, 26 Nov 2014 10:29:11 +0000 http://www.diit.de/?p=5977 DiIT AG, the leading software company of manufacturing execution systems for wire harness production, provides his customer SEBN (Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze, Wolfsburg) with the full integrated software solution suite, which include the products PPG™ (Production Plan Generation), CAO™ (Cutting Area Optimization) and PLS™ (Production & Logistics Suite).

After the CAO™ was successful introduced for the wire harness machine control several years ago, in 2012 occurred the modularly extension of CAO™ to the manual pre-assembly area P2, followed by the enlargement of the existing group license agreement.

To implement the standardization of the KSK-process cost-efficiently, SEBN decides in 2014 on an extension of the existing group license agreement for the product PLS™. The decision also for PPG™, which is an automated connection tool between engineering and production, is a strategic solution enhancement and further automation-module to meet on the rising challenges within the OEM environment.

“Since years we successful apply CAO™ and PLS™ to our international production plants and thus were able to improve our processes significant, to increase the transparency and to enhance the cost structure of our company”, says Harald Eitner, General Manager IT (CIO) at Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze GmbH. “From a today´s point of view we could not pass on such a comprehensive solution. Based on the decision to focus on the full solution suite of DiIT and the systematic international rollout, we see a further important strategic step to meet to the challenges of Industry 4.0”.

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DiIT wins proof of concept project at two global players http://www.diit.de/diit-wins-proof-concept-project-two-global-players/ http://www.diit.de/diit-wins-proof-concept-project-two-global-players/#comments Mon, 04 Aug 2014 09:17:50 +0000 http://www.diit.de/?p=5979 DiIT AG, the leading software company of manufacturing execution systems for wire harness production, was able to win with its software solution CAO V12 for the Cutting Area Optimization a proof of concept project at two renowned global player companies of the automotive supplier industry.

The test period enables the participants to come to an objective and individual evaluation that will show the benefits and perspectives of the flexible and comprehensive system.

“The proof of concept period gives us the possibility to show the complete spectrum of CAO V12 for the Cutting Area Optimization (P1) and Pre-Assembly Optimization (P2)” says Dr. Gerhard Schaub, member of the board of directors of DiIT AG. “Thus our customers have the possibility to put the product to the acid test with our support and provide the management with the necessary elements of evidence for sound investment decisions.

The POC period starts immediately and will continue until end of the year 2014.

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CAO V12 – Cutting Area Control of the next Generation http://www.diit.de/cao-v12-cutting-area-control-of-the-next-generation/ http://www.diit.de/cao-v12-cutting-area-control-of-the-next-generation/#comments Tue, 15 Apr 2014 07:38:29 +0000 http://www.diit.de/?p=966 The most substantial & leading product for the cutting area control of the leading industry software provider in Krailling, CAO V12, is the latest and meanwhile fully developed release of the CAO® series that comes up with a variety of new features & functions compared with the previous version CAO 6.0.

The value for the further product development were set on modularity, scalability, and flexibility that enables companies better to integrate the solution to their specific requirements and business environment. “The modular structure and scalability of CAO V12 provide a high level on flexibility that allows companies to choose their tool range individual to their requirements”, says Franziskus Timmermann, CTO and Board of Directors at DiIT AG. “These possibilities enables especially small to midsize companies to integrate such a tool to their business environment.” CAO V12 is already very successful implemented at a variety of international customers.

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PPG supports production versions http://www.diit.de/ppg-supports-production-versions/ http://www.diit.de/ppg-supports-production-versions/#comments Mon, 03 Feb 2014 10:08:08 +0000 http://www.diit.de/?p=979 Usually, there is more than one way and more than one method to produce an item. This also applies to the production of the different modules that make up a wire harness. Which way and which approach is ultimately the most favourable depends on the available resources, such as raw material or machinery, as well as the current production situation that may change due to unforeseen events.

PPG accounts for this with the automatic generation of manufacturing documents for alternative production variants. Each variant has its own bill-of-material and routing. No matter which variant is produced, the final product is the same. For example, a twisted wire can be made from two single wires, that are first cut and then and then twisted at a manual work place in pre-assembly, or the twisted wire can be produced in one step at an automatic machine capable of this. Also the production from twisted raw material is conceivable. For all variants, the PPG provides the production documents and directives automatically and allows each factory to freely choose the preferred variant for its production.

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