Your MES software specialist

For more than 20 years, DiIT is the worldwide leading software solution provider
of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) within the wire harness industry.

Highly qualified and motivated employees work together at DiIT AG in the
head office in Krailling near Munich and in the branch offices in Berlin
and Paderborn.

Through its partner network, DiIT is present all over the world. For years, internationally renowned companies collaborate with DiIT very closely and successfully.

With its innovative and high-class software solutions and its wide ranged service portfolio, DiIT is a trend-setting solution provider within the wire harness industry.



  • 1990 – Flexible production system for welding robots for the Mercedes G car
  • 1991 – The NORD Group introduces bonus incentive schemes in three plants
  • 1991 – Esprit project (Projekt no. 8865 REAL-CIM)„Excellent“ Award of the European Commission for DiIT G3 –database in object-orientated main memory technology
  • 1994 – PLS & CAO for BMW wire harnesses for Siemens Bordnetze Elsendorf, Pilsen, Stribro
  • 1995 – KPS Planning and Supply Chain Management system for the supply of the Daimler truck production in Wörth with customer-specific wire harnesses in JIT

  • 1998 – PLS for VW Golf for Volkswagen Bordnetze, Nitra, Gorzow
  • 2003 – PLS for VW Multivan for Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze Hattorf and Poznan
  • 2005 – Introduction of CAO/CAS as part of the standard process in all European plants of Yazaki Wiring Technologies
  • 2007 – Worldwide introduction of CAO/CAS for Sumitomo Bordnetze
  • 2008 – PLS ADL controls wire-by-wire production at Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze
  • 2012 – Schleuniger acquires a 35% stake of DiIT AG

Customer focus

With consistent focus on customer and business needs, we strive for better products and innovation. We always endeavor to satisfy our customers with extremely reliable and powerful solutions.

Solutions that are made-to-fit, intelligent and integrate easily into the customers IT-environment. Based upon our basis software and services, which easily can be extended and adapted customer specific, we are realizing successful projects and give support for future investments.

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